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Ethiopia Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and has been in operation since April 08, 1946.  It is wholly owned by the Government of Ethiopia and serves 101  international and 22 domestic destinations. Its flights have two classes: Cloud Nine which combines First and Business Class and Economy Class. When I recently needed to travel to Windhoek, Namibia from Nairobi, Kenya, I went online in search of flight options with  two main search option guides 1) Cheapest Flight 2) Deliver me in Windhoek. Thus for hours, I had my eyes fixated on my laptop, my fingers playing with any and all search words I could get. I used my usual go to search platforms- Google, Fare compare, Skyscanner, Trip Advisor among others. I put out alerts for when flights to that route would drop across airlines and search platforms among others. When a decision had to be made, Ethiopia…

Timkat Festival

Timkat is a religious festival celebrated by the Orthodox Christians  in Ethiopia, on 19th or 20th January in a leap year.  Timkat means Baptism…

Ethiopia 101

1.Ethiopia is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and its capital is Addis Ababa. 2. The dominant religion is Christian with…

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