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Our Services

“We don’t plan trips, we offer amazing life changing travel experiences.”

  • Cultural Immersion

    There is no better way to appreciate humankind than to see them in their rawest form. The team provides unique, raw, natural opportunities to engage with different cultures

  • Backpacking/Travel Buddy

    There are no “pre-planned” experiences or itineraries inscribed in stone to be followed, You see what the world opts to showcase of itself, as you live out of your rucksack.

  • Hassle Free travel

    This is for those who do not like to be engaged in all the craziness associated with researching and planning for a trip. We recognize there is so much information

  • Travel Consultancy and Travel Blogging

    Our Director Wangechi Gitahi is a renowned, well accomplished international traveler, travel blogger and travel consultant whose works