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What is a High Commission? What is an Embassy? What is the difference between a High Commission and an Embassy? What is the role of a diplomatic mission? Is the role of embassies  and high commissions only to issue  visas ? Is the role of high commissions and Embassies to throw parties for  dignitaries? Who is entitled to visit a High Commission or Embassy? Why does Kenya invest money in having diplomatic missions abroad? Are they worth having? While on  a recent visit to Namibia, these and more questions tickled my mind. I have only visited diplomatic missions and in this case -foreign embassies, four times in my life, to apply for a tourist visa. In some of these cases, the reception was neither warm nor friendly, I honestly felt unwelcome. At best, it was one of the most nerve wracking experiences ever, with emotions moving from anxiety to anger…

Namibia 101

1.It is officially known as Republic of Namibia and its capital city is called Windhoek. 2. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, South Africa to…