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Singapore is a very developed country located in South East Asia. It has won many accolades and is currently referred to as a financial hub. Narratives on travel to Singapore cautioned that it was too expensive and thus one should plan a very short trip. I wish I hadn’t been scared off and had opted instead to plan a longer visit as budget travel is possible.

1)See and visit the  Garden by the Bay

This Garden is indeed a spectacle-especially at night when the lights are on. It is made up of several tall metal structures lined with an array of exotic plants, flowers and lights. One can enjoy a  great view and picture from a distance due to the great height of the garden structures.

Close up of Gardens by the bay in Singapore

Make sure you visit the outer gardens which are free to visit, the inner ones have an entrance fee charged. You can carry a packed meal and enjoy here whilst surrounded by all these plants.

2)Attend a party by the beach:

Singapore hosts several parties especially at the beach-Silosa beach party being one of the biggest in Asia.

At the Siloso beach party, one of Asias major parties, Singapore

I was walking around Siloso when I happened to stumble upon this. Since I didnt know about it prior, I wasnt prepared to pay to attend. I however got to enjoy the party as the music could be heard from outside, the patrons had also overflowed outside the main arena and I was able to make friends and enjoy the party-albeit free. I attest that it was indeed a great party, it had thousands in attendance, the music was great and maybe next time I will get a chance to get in.

3) Visit Sentosa Island

This is a beautiful island resort that has  almost everything; beaches, Universal Studios, the largest Merlion statue in Singapore, outdoor activities, cable cars, Aquariums among others.

Sentosa, Singapore

The Merlion is Singapores mascot and is half lion half fish.

With the Merlion in Singapore

I accessed it via road and then walked on the Sentosa boardwalk. The boardwalk is beautiful as it is lined with beautiful lights and you can sit and watch the island from a far. There is an entrance fee to Sentosa which is less than $10 but well worth it. Inside you can opt to enjoy the free activities like swimming, enjoying the beach or walking across a suspended bridge at Palawan, to a secluded island which is the Southermost Point of Continental Asia, Asias closest point to the equator.

Enjoying the walk across the suspended bridge in Palawan, Singapore

4) Marina Bay Sands

The best way I can describe it is, all things luxury. It is an integrated resort that offers theaters, brand shops, casino, hotels, museum, scating rink and restaurants. You can take time to walk around it, enjoy the beauty that is its architecture and what it has to offer-you will not be charged anything unless you buy something.

At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I was privileged to watch my first live ballet performance at Winterworld and  got to enter a world class casino for the first time in my life-all for free.

Learning ballet at Winterworld, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

To access the casino, you need your passport as proof that you are a foreigner and be prepared to hold your breath and say prayers for some of the strangers as these guys bet big bucks-big.

My first time in a Casino was at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

5) Singapore Flyer:

It is a giant Ferris wheel that stands at 165m from the ground. I was informed that it gives one a breath taking view of Singapore but I got to enjoy it from a distance having arrived after hours-maybe next time.

A picture with the Singapore flyer

6) Explore China Town

This is one of my favourite places to visit as it exposed me to more of the cultures in Singapore-Chinese being one. As you walk through the streets, you will feel like you are walking through China(OK, what I imagine it looks like). Red all over, most of the people are Chinese and the shopping options were unlimited and pocket friendly

China Town in Singapore
Enjoying the busy streets of China Town, Singapore

The Chinese Heritage Center has a great array of information on the culture and heritage of the people and even offer a free guided walk tour of the streets. Please sign up for this, the information is indepth and very informative- I totally enjoyed it.

At China Heritage Center where there is lots to learn, Singapore

Take time to visit the food market place, I was shocked by what was on their menus.

I was shocked by some of what was on the menu at Chinatown food market, Singapore

7) Explore  Little India

his place felt so much like India-just like its name. The clothes,  the music, the food, the people and the prices. Take time to also walk around, observe their lifestyle and interact.

Enjoying Little India in Singapore

8) Walk around the town

Singapore is a beautiful country albeit feeling like a concrete city. I however liked how they have painted the buildings and put beautiful structures  along the way.

Beautiful statues on the streets of Singapore
Beautiful, brightly coloured buildings in Singapore
ArtScience Museum in Singapore

9) Pick a map from tourist information

These can be found at the airport and other points of entry-I got mine at the airport.  At the malls, visit the information desks as most offer vouchers to foreigners that got me free meals and discounts at various establishments.

10) Relax

I felt completely safe in Singapore, yes, even late at night as you may have noticed from most of my pictures. At all times, the hairs at the back of my neck were always on alert-as if someone was watching me. As a show of how instant and efficient their system is, when I was there, one town had a case of chaos which we heard about as we went to sleep. When we woke up, pictures and video clips of all those involved were shown on the news, the culprits were apprehended and presented in court, by end of day they had already been sentenced-talk about taking security matters seriously.

Singapore is indeed a beautiful country and I hereby confirm that Singapore is open for all travelers unlike its “only luxury travel” tag. Feel free to visit -there is something for every budget, I have proved budget is possible. I need to return and sample their luxury travel.

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