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1.It is officially called the Republic of  China (ROC) but most people refer to it simply as Taiwan. It was previously known as Formosa and its capital city is called Taipei.

2. It is an Island  located in East Asia and is bordered by China in the West, Japan to the North East and Philippines to the South.

3. They dominantly speak Chinese and still use traditional Chinese characters in writing.

4.  It has 14 recognized aboriginal tribes and a a population of about 23million people .

5.Their dominant religions are Buddhism and Taoism

6. The ladies are afraid of the sun and the rain. When the sun is high, they will have their umbrellas up to reduce exposure to the suns rays and when it rains, even a little, they have to be well covered in ponchos and umbrellas to avoid the effects of (acid) rain.

7.Their trash collection is quite a spectacle. Each house or business keeps their bin inside and at specific times, a garbage truck will come to collect. The truck plays sweet, mellow music like that of an ice cream truck, to prompt the people to bring out their trash. The people then come out with their garbage and dump it in the trucks themselves.

8.The Taiwanese people are friendly. I was practically the first  African and black at that, most had ever seen beyond the Tv but the love I felt, everyone wanting to help, talk to me, Thank you.

9.It is home to Taipei 101, which was the tallest building in the world up until 2011. It has 101 floors.

10. As a Kenyan, you require a visa prior to travel. They do not have an Embassy in Kenya so your best bet is to send your documents to their office in South Africa which is what I did. Ensure all your documents are in order.

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