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  1. Zimbabwe is officially referred to as the Republic of Zimbabwe and its capital city is Harere
  2. It is a landlocked country and is bordered by Mozambique to the East and Southeast, South Africa to the South, Zambia to the Northwest and Botswana to the West and Southwest.
  3. It has a population of about 16million people
  4. It has 16 official languages with the most commonly used being English, Ndebele and Shona
  5. It shares the famous Victoria Falls locally known as “Mosi-oa-Tunya” and means, “Smoke that thunder” with Zambia.
  6. Its main income earners are farming, mining and manufacturing.
  7. It gained its independence from Great Britain in 1980.
  8. It has one of the highest literacy levels in Africa.
  9. The main religion is Christianity and it is open to other religions.
  10. A Kenyan does not need a visa to visit Zimbabwe. Ensure you have all your documentation in order.

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