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I recently ventured into Tanzania, to try change my ways of being the neighbour who just peeps over the fence to say hi. I decided that the best way to strengthen our friendship was to actually spend more time visiting, learning and engaging with my neighbour, while inside his compound. The last two  times that I had stretched my hand and physically greeted my neighbour, was when I successfully climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and when I became a friend of Tanga Beach Resort. This last visit reminded me that our friendship had been dwindling and I had limited information about who my neighbour really was and how much he had to offer.I was going to change this unfortunate situation and create adequate time and opportunities for us to engage more. That my dear people is how a few months later, I ended up travelling solo from Nairobi…

Tanzania 101

It is officially known as the United Republic of Tanzania The official language in Tanzania is  Kiswahili It is bordered by 8 countries, Kenya and Uganda to…