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Bohol is the largest island in Philipines and is located in Central Visayas region.  It is indeed  a beautiful Island everything from white sandy beaches to amazing scenery. The locals speak English and Bisaya and are very friendly. As we were about to land, my window allowed me to be enticed by the aerial view of Bohol  and its environs, indeed it would be a great visit. This is what I experienced: 1.Experienced the effects of the Bohol Earthquake: The area experienced a major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 on October 15, 2013. As I planned to travel to Philippines in November 2013, I was filled with fear when I heard  about the earthquake. I however decided to go ahead with my plans and I am happy I did. This was my first experience with the aftermath of an earthquake and it is heartbreaking, the death toll disheartening and…

Vibrant Manila

Manila is the capital City of the Republic of Philippines. It is the economic hub and thus has developed greatly  in various sectors like…