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Covid-19, Corona Virus alias Rona, has in  many ways hampered movement outside of the home. Government and WHO regulations have among others promoted #StayatHome as a method to reduce its spread. The problem that then arose is,  “What does one do all day while at home.”

Well, the below are my top 9 tips for keeping active  mentally, physically and spiritually whilst having fun, during this phase.

1) Create an outdoor experience, indoors

We pitched a tent and camped indoors

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and truly it is. If you are like me and you have missed the great outdoors, well, ” Why not bring the outdoors indoors?” We pitched a tent in the house, albeit modified as you can’t dig holes for support. We attached the edges to the wardrobe cabinet handles, the bed legs, put seat cushions on the inside to create more space and prevent it from collapse , a mattress for comfort and alas-camping indoors was executed for several days. The children and I loved it😁.

2) Play Boardgames

Boardgames are so cool. Looking to purchase the original Monopoly that I played in my younger years

I will not lie, it’s been a while since I played boardgames but I am now a great fan. Games I have played on repeat during this Covid-19 period include Ludo,  Snakes and ladder, XO, Monopoly Jenga and cards. However, in the last couple of months, I have rekindled this passion albeit with raising temperatures. I am a sore loser, I love to win so let’s just say, it’s great when you have worthy opponents. The best thing about this is you can play with all ages, just go a notch lower on the “rules” and “regulations” on some, so the children can also enjoy. Currently looking to buy an original Scrabble and monopoly, like the one we played in our younger years, as they see to be out of stock in the shops I have checked.

3) Try new things

When you just learn to play FIFA and then get a great report from the coach..

Now, I have never really been a gamer unless you count playing the games “snake” and “minions” on the phone years ago. However, I recently learnt how to play Play Station, currently playing Fifa 2019 and 2020 and let me tell you🔥🔥🔥🔥. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it. I am even working on building my “career” in football and currently having a 7.8/10 standing. Not bad for a newbie who doesn’t regularly watch football.


A meme on the internet “owner unknown as of now”, says that this is how people like me with cheeks look like, while we are sleeping

Rest, rest, rest. Previously, one was always busy with one thing or another. Plans, meetings, travels, pitches and so much more. Ones body and mind was always on “go mode”. I have taken this #StayatHome mantra to mean – Rest My Mind, Body and Soul. Sleep, sleep, sleep some more, read across spectrums, clean up your spaces, organize, watch tv/movies, pray, sing, dance -Do all that helps you to relax. I am on Rest Mode most of the time and I feel amazing. One comes to discover that Life and living doesn’t have to mean “busy”.

5: I started walking/running/strolling

I was so elated at this that I walked another 1.5km just to have a round figure of 30kms walked that day😁

When I was younger, I was an ardent walkr/runner. I took part in marathons-10 km, 21km before they even became a “thing”. I did it just for fun and because my funds were in assistance of one charity or another. In my travels I enjoyed walking more than using even public transport because one experiences and sees so much. However, life happened and I cut down on this and now only purpose on one to two “strainous” activities that include hiking Mount Everest since Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro are already successfully completed. Recently, I started walking in the estate-to get fresh air and strengthen my body. I have a cool squad-family to do it, then I started outside the gates with friends *actually did 30km on one day and now I have mentally added 42km-full marathon to my before end of 2021 bucket list. I am not consistent with this lol, haven’t returned since the 30km but, my genes proved they are still good and can be called back into action at any time.

6)Watch TV

I enjoy watching TV, I may even be called a couch potato at times, but, I am very specific on the niche I enjoy. Take this time to catch up with movies, shows, documentaries etal that you normally enjoy but, never had enough time.. Time currently is almost unlimited.I have binged on

a) News-Local news, national news, regional news, international news etc. I like being informed on various aspects of the world from economics, to political, to Covid-19 etc

b) Travel News- I am a traveler and a travel enthusiast as you may have noted in the website😁. There are several shows  available that showcase travel destinations, people, cultures among others. These help me trade “notes” mentally when a destination I have visited prior is aired as well as adding to my bucket list, when I see a destination that picks my interest. I  highly recommend you watch “Border Patrol/ Control that is aired on DStv. I assure you, you will learn so much on what happens at points of entry/exit, immigration, what is allowed, how to behave, see various forms of racial discrimination and so much more.. During this time, even National Geographic on DStv was airing it. Watch it and Thank Me later.

7: Personal Development

During this period, there have been so many Webinars, online courses, zoom among others. No, I did not sign up for all I saw advertised, I just selected a few that I believe would be beneficial to building my knowledge, mind and skill set. I have learnt a lot, I have grown(mentally) a lot, I have increased my skill set, I have enjoyed some, I have learnt some new things and so much more. Some of these are usually “priced”, but with covid, “free” seemed to be flexing.

8: Connect with God

Many are the times prior, “one was too busy to pray”, “too busy to fellowship”, “too busy to read their Bible /religious book” among others. Well, “too busy” is no longer and excuse. You Now have lots and lots of time on your hands, you may as well use it to catch up on lost time. This time allows you to Connect with God Yourself, without having to rely on a second, third, forth, fifth party. With places of worship currently still “closed” for now, some people are relearning how to pray for themselves, to reconnect directly with their maker, to grow their faith, to live their Faith as God wants and not how “an institution” or “institution head” stipulates.

9) Engage with Family and Friends

Take time out to actually be “present” in your home. If you are married, partnered, with children and previously hardly had time to be both mentally and physically present, this is the time. Talk and listen to your partner and  children if any. Engage with them, relearn them, let them relearn you, do activities together, learn together, grow together, see each other, acknowledge each other and let it continue even post #StayatHome. If you can, check up on your friends and other family with calls, video calls, texts etc and connect/reconnect. A familiar face or voice definitely makes this period more bearable.

There is so much you can do during this time and feel free to share with us. The above are my 9 recommendations to engage in during this Covid period and moreso, to help enrich your home experience, especially following the #StayatHome directive.

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