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Travel Tips


Covid-19, Corona Virus alias Rona, has in  many ways hampered movement outside of the home. Government and WHO regulations have among others promoted #StayatHome as a method to reduce its spread. The problem that then arose is,  “What does one do all day while at home.” Well, the below are my top 9 tips for keeping active  mentally, physically and spiritually whilst having fun, during this phase. 1) Create an outdoor experience, indoors They say necessity is the mother of all invention and truly it is. If you are like me and you have missed the great outdoors, well, ” Why not bring the outdoors indoors?” We pitched a tent in the house, albeit modified as you can’t dig holes for support. We attached the edges to the wardrobe cabinet handles, the bed legs, put seat cushions on the inside to create more space and prevent it from collapse ,…

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