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Melaka also referred to as Melacca  is a beautiful city located to the South of Malaysia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is currently my favourite place in Malaysia as it is full of culture. There are many old buildings, some in their natural old state with others having been rehabilitated by the government. Things to do in Melaka/Melacca 1.Visit the historical buildings a) I got to visit Christ Church Melaka, which is the oldest functioning Protestant Church in Malaysia. Its construction begun in 1741 and was completed in 1743. It has been beautifully refurbished and one of the main buildings you will see upon arrival. b) A FAMOSA This was a former Portuguese fortress  that was built in 1511 and is the oldest surviving European architectural remains in South East Asia. It was partly renovated by the Dutch and as you walk around it, you can see…

Kuala Lumpur

My arrival into Malaysia was met by excitement, pomp and galore, I actually felt like a VIP. How had the government learnt of my…

Malaysia 101

1.Malaysia is located in South East Asia and its capital city is called Kuala Lumpur 2. The official language is Bahasa Malay though most…

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