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If you are Black, African and travelling beyond your national borders, ignore the below at your own peril.  You should Never….. 1: Cough, sneeze or look ill-Ever If you are at immigration and a bee stings you, please do not flinch let alone scream. If your stomach is seeming kinda “under the weather”, ensure you partake medication that will ensure your belly is quiet and under control. You need to look and behave as over healthy as possible because, any inkling that you are unwell and you may either not board the flight or be rejected entry into the country. I won’t delve into the stereotypes some people have of Africa, Black Africans and diseases. 2. Travel without proof of financial capacity This my fellow Black Africans, is a tricky yet very important element. The tricky part is, “How much is enough” to show you have financial capacity.” This is…

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