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Anse Royal


Seychelles, your seduction started years ago and I am happy I accepted to be seduced. Perhaps it was the images of your clean clear waters, white sandy beaches, couples holding hands as they walked into the sunset or maybe learning  that Seychelles citizens are called Seychellois and not Seychellians that sealed the deal.  Even though I didn’t have a Mr. Wangechi to walk with me into the sunset, I decided I would dance to your music and be lost in your beautiful crystal clear eyes, you would be my Mr. Wangechi. I truly had a great time in all the dates we had as shared below. 1.Hanged out with fishermen Fishing is a major part of the peoples culture and major form of employment. I took time hanging out with some of the fishermen and enjoyed hearing their fishing escapades. I chose the easier way out, thus only assisted them…