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Gilmans Point


I was enticed to hike  Mount Kilimanjaro due to its numerous accolades that range from, Worlds Highest Free Standing Mountain at 5895M/19341 Ft AMSL , Highest Mountain in Africa, Uhuru Peak the highest point in Africa and being one of the Worlds Largest Volcanoes. I thus mentally prepared myself to do all it would take to ensure that I succeeded in Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro. When I conquered Mount.Kenya 4895m, which is the second highest mountain in Africa, I resolved that it was only befitting to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro next because as they say “Go Big or Go home.” That is how I found myself venturing into Kilimanjaro National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to Mount Kilimanjaro.  Due to not being an ardent regular hiker, I opted to use the Marangu route, which is considered  easier  and would take 7 days. Day 1: Marangu Gate 1860m to…