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Hippo point


Kisumu City is a major city found on the banks of Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water lake in the world, making the main economic industry fishing. Kindly note, fresh water doesn’t mean it is clean and clear, it means that it is not salty. It is located 330.6km from Nairobi and can be accessed via road, air or water. I really wanted to experience Lake Victoria and the  culture of Luo, which is the dominant tribe in the area. I got to do the following, feel free to follow suit: 1. Visit Impala Sanctuary: Regardless of the name, this place isn’t only home to Impalas, but to so many other animals. As we walked in, we were impressed by the landscaping, the lawn is neatly cut and the park clean and smart. Right after we entered, we saw impalas and zebras lazily…