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Kenya National Archives


Nairobi is the Capital City of Kenya. It is a beautiful city that I am proud to have been born, brought up in and currently also residing in. Unlike what one may envision of a Capital City, Nairobi is not all but a Concrete Jungle. It provides various offerings both for the locals and visitors to enjoy, when you explore. The things to do in Nairobi are unlimited, but the below are my top 11 places to experience while in Nairobi. 1) The Nairobi National Museum I love visiting Museums as they are a bottomless well of knowledge, that you/I can take a drink from. Kenya is home to several Museums and I will be sharing my experience in all the ones I have explored. The Nairobi National Museum is located along Kipande road, but most people refer to the road  as Museum Hill. It is home to lots of…