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Kitale Nature Conservancy


Kitale is known mainly as an agricultural town and the dominant tribe here is Luhya. It is a quiet and serene town, that has lots of hidden tourist attractions. 1.Kitale Museum: I try as much as possible to visit museums everywhere I go as it readily and easily introduces one to the culture, history and lifestyle of the people. Indeed, Kitale Museum did not disappoint and had various elements to showcase their culture from clothing, jewellery, instruments among others. It has an animal orphanage in the compound that has a few animals on display like snakes, crocodiles among others . The area also showcases traditional homesteads of the communities in the area. It also has a very serene nature trail that I highly recommend. This area is all forest, lots and lots of trees, yet, the path has been well hived off. We got to see some monkeys as well…