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Miraa market


Meru is located about 271km from Nairobi and its main income earner is farming. The main language spoken here is “Meru” and the people here are  thus referred to as “Ameru”. Our trip here was filled with highs and lows and  the following activities: 1. Sampling  local delicacies I sampled some of the loacl traditional dishes like pumpkin soup, mukimu and chicken which I greatly enjoyed. The “Mukimu” was made from maize and peas boiled together, then boiled potatoes are added and then mashed together. This was accompanied by “kienyeji”  chicken which means traditional chicken and was very tasty. Party: We sampled the party scene in Meru town and were greatly suprised at how vibrant it was. The establishment we visited was packed, the music great and the overall mood awesome. 2.  Head to Mukulu  Our visit to Meru was hit by several bottle necks. As we travelled there, we…