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Mt. Kenya


1. Kenya is officially known as the Republic of Kenya, its capital city is Nairobi and it is located in East Africa. 2. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to the South and South West, Uganda to the West, South Sudan to the North West and Somalia to the North East. 3.English and Kiswahili are the formal languages. Some Kenyans speak exceptional English as a result of it being colonized by the British, thus English being a formal language. 4 . It is dominantly Christian but is open to all other religions. 5.Kenya has a population of over 45 million ,comprised of 43 distinct tribes. 6.It is generally refered to as an agricultural country and most of the best tea and coffe is produced in Kenya 7. The second highest Mountain in Africa-Mount Kenya which is 5199 metres high is found here. 8.The First African Nobel Peace…