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Tilapia Lake


I am elated to say that the beauty that is Turkana, is one of the best kept secrets I have ever discovered. I shared part one of my “Homecoming to Turkana” http://wangechigitahitravels.com/my-homecoming-to-turkanaland/  and yet, Turkana continued to unravel more of its secrets to me. Move closer, and let me share with you part two of my “Homecoming to Turkana” which was experienced  in  Eliye Springs. Eliye springs is best described as a beach paradise. Turkana is home to part of Lake Turkana and unlike the Marsabit side which is rocky, Eliye Springs side is all sandy beaches by its shores. A visit to Turkana Land would be incomplete without venturing there so go on, visit.  There is so much to experience and engage in. 1: Boat rides I discovered that Lake Turkana has Central Island NationaI Park found on it, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It has three active…