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I think it is only fair that I share some “tricks” with you my fellow travelers, as you plan to visit Kenya. I wouldn’t want you to embarrass yourselves as some of the below may “work” in your countries, but here in Kenya, it will be a fail. Ignore at your own peril. 1.Wild Life: Please, do not ask me or anyone,” Do you own a lion?” We do not house wildlife as pets, they are wild. Not every Kenyan has seen wildlife as we also need to visit national parks, reserves, conservancies and sanctuaries to see them. So no, I have never had “Simba” or “Mufasa” roaming around our compound. Kindly also, “Keep your Hands off” any wild animals you may come across as it is illegal to hunt/poach them. #DontLetThemDisappear, #Endivorytrade, #IvorybelongstoElephants, #stoprhinopoaching, #saveblackrhinonow, #Rhino, #Elephants, #wildlife, #lions 2.Roads: We drive on the left, adjust your thoughts consciously to this, if…