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Wind surfing


Watamu is a beautiful serene beach town, found in Kilifi county. It is greatly celebrated for its long stretches of alluring white sandy beaches and calm nature of the environment. I had been exploring Mombasa and Wasini Island, solo, for several days and my body was starting to throw a tantrum. It seemed  overwhelmed by the activities I had engaged it in (blog posts to follow soon), and  Watamu seemed like the ideal location for it to rest and relax quietly. I planned to sit by the ocean, soak up the sun, eat, drink and while away the days, only moving when proceeding  to their swimming pool  or to my room to sleep. Turtle Bay Resort, a beach front property was my accommodation of choice, a decision I am very happy I made. Turtle Bay unknowingly, disarranged all my well laid plans due to the seductive activities on offer. As…