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1.Malaysia is located in South East Asia and its capital city is called Kuala Lumpur

2. The official language is Bahasa Malay though most people also speak English.

3. The official religion is Islam and is open to people  of all faiths

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4. It was colonized by both the British and the Japanese

6. The infrastructure in Malaysia is quite modern with it being home to the Worlds tallest twin towers, Petronas towers

7. The men and women do not mix much. In some of the public service buses and trains, there are clear separations “Women only”,  “Men Only”

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8.It is generally a conservative area so be cautious of your mode of dressing,  adhere to the dress codes in the respective areas.

9. It has a population of about 30 million people

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10. Kenyans receive a free tourist Visa at the airport, upon arrival. Ensure you have all your travel requirements in order.

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