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Female Genital Mutilation


Guilty!Guilty!Guilty! I am Guilty as charged. What is my charge you may wonder…..well…I AM FEMALE!  Apparently, it is a crime to be Female around the world. Below I will share some instances where the “Female” title led to their conviction. Most  societies are Patriarchal and Wikipedia defines this as ‘ A social system in which Males hold primary power.” Thus historically and amazingly even now, most societies believe males are better than females. Cases of the girl child being killed at birth, to save her family of the “shame” of having a daughter are still rampant. Women are chased from their “matrimonial homes” for not bearing children because, the woman is always guilty!, the problem could never be the man. Woe unto you also, if you  do not give birth to as many children as “your man” dictates, regardless of whether your womb or body can support it, or if…